Anyone who reblogs this will get a Star Trek pick up line.



I’ll probably regret doing this again but it’s summer and I have some free time..

If you want it from a specific series write it in the tags. It might take a couple days but I promise to send a Star Trek pick up line to every single person who reblogs this and has their ask box open.

Over 1,400 notes and I’m still going strong so reblog away!

I meant to send this to you when you first followed me but I was busy then I forgot. Anyway your url makes me laugh because I have this post where I promised to send everyone a star trek pick up line and one of the ones I usually send out is "if you were a borg you'd be Seven of Fine" ps I just reblogged that post again in case you wanna go find it and get a ST pick up line :)

yay that made me so happy i love this url
brb gon go reblog your thingy bb

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Frozen Venice | Robert Jahns | Via

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Video Game Meme / Seven Male Characters [7/7] → Craig Boone